3D Checkpoint Service

Multi Material 3D Printing

Multi-material 3D printing is a process that utilizes the most advanced 3D printing manufacturing process in the world. Stratasys Machines have state-of-the-art systems capable of performing multi-material 3D printing. This ensures that you get rapidly manufactured products that are to your exact specifications.

Manufactured Plastic Prototypes

Utilizing your blueprints and specifications, we can quickly create manufactured plastic prototypes, ensuring you get a working 3D model of your finished product in a timely manner. We can also produce a one-off model using the same finished materials and coatings that you plan on using for regular production.

Superior Finish & Smoothing

When thinking of 3D printing, people often envision a raw replication of a 3D printed object. However, by utilizing our patented 3D printing process, we include superior finishing and smoothing. This ensures that all of your tolerances can be met and any components you need for final production will arrive complete and painted or finished.

Prototype Injection Molds

A prototyping injection mold allows you to visualize the end product in order to refine your manufacturing process. Early prototypes can also speed innovation and help to engineer solutions within the manufacturing process and product line in the future.