3D Checkpoint Service

Jigs & Fixtures

Typically, the process of developing inspection and production fixtures can get hung up in the manufacturing process. Fixtures can easily take months to manufacture and assemble, and you have to deal with multiple companies for assembly pieces, fabrication, assemble install and calibrate the system to will be used for production.

Press Capabilities

3D Parts commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in continual investment into state of the art manufacturing equipment. 3D parts is renowned for the manufacturing of the highest quality and precision parts.. From concept to completion, we provide all of the necessary resources to promptly and accurately complete your project.

MuCell® Molding Technology

The MuCell® microcellular foam injection molding process for thermoplastics materials provides unique design flexibility and cost savings opportunities not found in conventional injection molding. The MuCell® process allows for plastic part design with material wall thickness optimized for functionality rather than for the injection molding process.