Process & Performance

Our 3D Checkpoint process has been designed with the precision that can be expected at every level to support client success. The 3D Parts advantage includes seamless product development and delivery from design to final product that meets or exceeds all project requirements. Your product is our passion, we deliver results through a “product driven” approach; from a 24-48 hour estimate turnaround time to a full 3 dimensional replication to the delivery of your final product.

3D Checkpoints

1. Product Definition

Establish basic product concept and requirements.

2. Part Feasibility/Quotation

  • Establish detailed party requirements and feasibility
  • Establish tolling requirements
  • Preliminary quote to customer

3. Detailed Design

  • Finalize detailed part design requirements
  • Confirm critical dimensions and tolerances
  • Finalize scope
  • Final quote to customer
  • Map the process from concept to part in hand

4. Design Review

Finished product in mind

  • Complete the internal review and approval
  • Complete the client review and approval

5. Product/Tool Design Build

  • Rapid prototype or production part development
  • Tool build – to design requirements, timeline, product specs and requirements

6. Tool Tryout/Sample Parts

  • Check the mold functions for pre-start tooling and molding equipment set-up
  • Check set-up parameters, temperature, injection pressure etc.

7. Quality Check

Part check including dimension checks, quality conformance and output against final product specs.

8. Approval

Final client part approval and product conformance quality check.

9. Final Quality Check

Conclude scope of work and obtain approval for commencement of regular part production.

10. Project Review

  • Measure final output compliance with project deliverables. Conduct our graded internal review to identify key learnings and continuous improvement opportunities. Measure client satisfaction.